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Tips to avoid expenses in moving and packing

Moving to a new place is seriously a daunting task and some mistakes can occur knowingly or unknowingly when you are relocating to a different place all together. These mistakes can badly affect you financially while moving to another place. Given underneath are some tips using which you can avoid some moving mistakes.

moving expenses

1. Arrange your relocation early. During the search of your moving options, always decide at least 2 or 3 months early before you move. Not doing this may leave you no choice for renowned movers and will also cost you more.

2. Selfmove is not cheaper. While relocating yourself there are many things that you need to take care of like rent a truck, getting insurance cover for your move and many more such things. Work outon each one of these costs and you will find out that if you hire a moving company for your move, it will be cheaper than self move.

3. Get various quotes. Always try to get multiple quotes because different companies charge different prices. There are also some good and professional moving companies that charge reasonable money and also provide good quality of work too.

4. Ask for anillustrative estimate.While hiring a mover company for relocation purposes one must ask the company for an in-house estimate. Generally people miss some minute details to tell to the movers. For example, if your furniture does not fit in to the door and the moving company identifies these things on moving day, it will not only take longer time, but will also prove to be costly to you. On the contrary, if a representative of your mover company visits you can talk with that person and plan better the moving day.

5. Reveal every item to the movers.One must show each and every item that is to be relocated to the staff of the moving company. Each and every room from where the goods are to be taken for relocation. Especially the items that are fragile in nature must be shown to the representative of the moving company. The relocating company must know the entrance to your home, the number of stairs to climb, availability of an elevator, will you be using extra services like crating and storage offered by the company. Ignoring all these pricey matters will prove costly to you. Arrangement of these details may help you in getting different prices from different companies.

6. Doingthe background check of the mover. One must not just hire any moving company for relocation purposes. Background check of the company along with customer review is very important before hiring them.

7. Don’t ignore the type of packing to do.While packing one must use very strong boxes for heavy items. Overfilling the boxes may tear them. Also don’t forget to mark them with their content to avoid perplexity after delivery of your goods.

8. Studythe terms and conditions of moving company. One must always read full terms and conditions of the moving company and should not sign on any blank paper.

Tips To Move Your Office Smoothly From One Place to Another

Reasons for moving the office are many. You might want to increase the floor area or you want to move to a more peaceful place away from honking of central market. You may have to move, if you don’t find current place approachable for customers or the rents are too high.

Moving for a business is never easy. Apart from regular difficulties, it also halts your operations for some days which will ultimately be a financial loss. Be ready, some financial losses are going to happen but as a boss, your responsibility should be to minimize the losses as much as possible. You have to minimize the office downtime. A boss makes sure that work resumes instantly at the new place. For this much efficiency in moving, a Boss always has to plan.

Assisting you in this challenging task, we are here with some common but trusted tips:-

  • First of all, if your office is registered, you should complete the legal compliances associated. It includes doing the address amendments after requesting the registrar. Laws are different for different types of moving; moving within city, within state or international moving. So, those permissions must be cleared few days in advance.
  • To reduce the office downtime, make sure that all the services i.e. Wi-Fi, LAN, Intercom gets operational before you shift. It will help in resuming the work instantly as well as preventing operational losses. So, meet with all the service providers and give them a deadline.
  • Office is all about papers. Even if, technology has reduced paperwork manifold, still paper is an essential part of your office. There are valuable contracts, affidavits, cheque books, payment receipts, statements and what not! Planning about papers should begin few days in advance. A responsible employee should be assigned with this job. He should ensure that every useful paper is transported. (With this moving, you have an opportunity for cluster cleaning too. All the unnecessary papers, boxes can be thrown out. During cleaning, you shall also find many valuable papers buried inside the heaps. So cleaning is a double benefit).
  • Your search for the right moving professional should begin very much in advance. Right professional will ensure your smooth and budget transfer from one place to another. Your good research will also keep you away from spam/frauds. Never believe every person with a truck and website to be a mover. Some people will load your stuff into truck and vanish into the sky. So you should always have the ID proof/ experience certificate of every person who touches your costly stuff. We suggest that every office should have an official mover that you use for every heavy shifting.
  • After that, come to your computers. Computers must be sealed in boxes and coated with bubble wraps or other cushioning wraps. You want them to be scratch free. Boxes must be marked properly, which thing belongs to where. You can colour code the boxes i.e. blue colour for IT, yellow for finance and so on. All the systems must be marked as all the computers look similar until booted. If not marked, you will be trapped in 50 same looking devices with no idea which belong to whom.
  • The moving should not be on peak work days. Either do this in night (great idea) or try to plan the move on weekend (Sunday included). Employees will be satisfied to get a leave for this later. If a long festival holiday or a long weekend is coming, you should always welcome that for your move.
  • Every concerned person should be informed of your movement, so that they don’t feel a difficulty in approaching you. All the letters/ transactions addressed to your old address should also be changed to new. A proper circulation of your movement news should be started at least one month in advance.

Keep all these things in mind and your move will be swift and efficient. As the experienced people say, the actual moving of stuff should be the last work, all other things should be done in advance. Planning is the mother, a planned move is always a good experience. All the Best!